Those of us who live in Toronto cannot help but be saddened by a chief magistrate who is clearly a sick and troubled man, enabled by a dysfunctional family who don’t realize the damage that he is doing to himself and his city. It has pointed out a key weakness in governance legislation.  In any similar situation in a corporation or institution there would be a policy in place a person whose actions and behaviour damage it.  Added to this is the fact that cities in Ontario are the creation of the provincial government. Some years ago several regional cities whose borders impinged on one another were amalgamated into one super-city.  Each city had different populations, economic bases and cultures.  We now see the differences confront one other in sad ways.

In one of my learning groups, we have been assigned an exercise – totall theoretical – to define the problem and the solution. As more inappropriate behaviour unfolds every day, who knows how we will define the problem or solution a week from now.  And I don’t envy those who are charged with finding a quick solution to a problem that has taken years to become front and centre without anyone understanding its implications.  What it does say that in any democracy we can’t  sit on the sidelines.  Only a small percentage of the eligible population voted for the incumbent.  I hope this is a wake up call.

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