2013-06-29 10.33.30

I’ve been asked to appear on a panel later this week to talk about social media – the title isn’t about marketing but it probably should be. Thanks to Seth Godin, who writes a daily blog, I have some basic good advice after reading a recent blog entry that I will suggest that people use before they look at any specifics:

Who, precisely, are you trying to reach?
• What change are you trying to make?
• How will you know if it’s working?
• How long before you will lose patience?
• How long before someone on your team gets to change the mission?
• How much time and money are you prepared to spend?
• Who gets to approve this work?
• Who are you trying to please or impress?
It’s cheaper to answer these questions than it is to spend time and money on marketing, but, alas, it usually doesn’t happen that way.

As usual, what Seth has to say is well worth learning and digesting.