2013-06-28 09.26.53

I watched a presentation that reminded me of this photo, (all the photos on this site are my own), as you can see there are some blossoms from the tree that were artificially rearranged, but the rest of the picture has no real focus and there are too many places for the eye to go.

The presentation I watched was created in Prezi. That software is a rather interesting alternative to the ever present PowerPoint, and you can even import PowerPoint into it. It’s designed to make a presentation more interesting, immediate, dimensional and focused. The danger of the presentation I viewed was that it had a ton of information. The creator sabotaged the message with overkill when intention was to create buy in for a new project. I was simply overwhelmed and lost a sense of what I was supposed to decide. I don’t know what the outcome was, but I know that with more planning and less volume, it could have been better.

When used simply, Prezi software can produce interesting results. I tried my own theme topics just to provide a simple example of how it appears.

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