2013-06-29 10.47.43

Thinking of an organization as a three dimensional structure helps us remember that every aspect of an organization relates to every other aspect. That is how I first came to Mind Mapping when I wanted a simple way of showing a client organization that making changes in one aspect had an immediate impact on very other aspect. Spreadsheets aren’t the way to get this across.

In a recent discussion with a colleague, he proposed a cube as a good way to think about the facets of an organization. A cube has six sides and every one of them counts. Six sides reminded me of Dee Hock’s model based on his work in the founding of Visa. He called this model the Chaordic organization because out of chaos eventually comes order. He saw the sequence illustrated here as the one that should be followed in the creation of a new organization from the ground up – and noted that every one of them affected all the others at every stage. We will work on our own facets in developing something new, but we are at a very early stage and heavily involved in sharing learning and tools.

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