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I’m a slow learner.  Fifteen years ago I bought this large armoire to house my desktop computer.  I’d moved into a brand new building – now a condominium but then a “life lease”.  The building was elegant and my Staples computer desk was not.  This new one was a piece of furniture to mirror the elegance of the new surroundings.

What was I thinking?  I should have learned from growing up in my parents’ house that technology is not to be housed in furniture.  Our early radios were standing cabinets.  We later had a television set that was French provincial to add a stylish note to the room,  An upright piano had legs of similar design.  The central technology this armoire  houses is a laptop – used sometimes as an alternative to the tablet or cell phone.  To fill the space designed to house a tower there are cable and internet modems and a bunch of plugs taking up about a tenth of the space.  A filing cabinet still holds paper files and a shelf and drawers holds some other useful stuff – eyeglass cleaner, a cheque book used about once a year.  I hardly ever pick up the portable phone because the only calls are from telemarketers or scammers.  The wireless earphones do get used – mainly to give me better sound from the flat screened TV that replaced the former computer screen.

armoire open

I’m moving soon and I’d like to get rid of this big unit.  Two consignment stores have received pictures of the image and have quickly written back to say – forget it.  So the likelihood is that I’ll pay a junk dealer just to get it out of here.  Moore’s law may include doubling of integrated circuits.  Bolton’s law is that technology space needs shrink.  Am I just about to make the same mistake again?

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