image Daily Mail

In an email and instant message age, daily mail is almost an oxymoron. My situation is unusual in that letter mail is delivered through an apartment door mailbox – now a rarity.  Since I haven’t put a “no junkmail” sign on the door so far, most of the offerings are supermarket fliers.  But there is another category that is interesting – brochures and catalogues intended for previous renters.

I now know more about cruises that I ever did before. What exotic bargains now await me on ships traveling to every corner of the world?  Sometimes there are three such catalogues in a week.  A wine and food magazine has given me all kinds of new recipe ideas.  The most unusual came yesterday – a catalog from a greenhouse.  It seemed a great idea to have annuals delivered to the door of a high-rise apartment. But when I looked inside the catalog the offerings were all trees and large shrubs.

Where have these former residents gone?  Are they now cruising with other providers?  Have their menus expanded or contracted? Are they now country residents taking over abandoned farms and planting trees?  It’s a mystery.