image Aging

Between attending funerals of classmates and friends’ spouses, one has to pause and consider one’s own mortality – and how much there is to be thankful for.  I can do those longevity tests and knock off a year or two – but that doesn’t change the ending.  Apparently according to this week’s New Yorker, the Silicon Valley moguls are working on ways to make themselves live forever but I’m not expecting any timely results soon.  Like the hope for America being made great again it isn’t all that likely.  Nor is independence and going it alone.

My hair is not yet grey – but only with the help of my friends, the cosmetic companies. I now see real colours differently and more vividly after a cataract surgeon replaced aging natural lenses with artificial ones.  And I’ve worn spectacles most of my life to correct the distorted vision I was born with.  I now also sport two hearing devices made from the tiniest of models of a company based in Denmark. So far I have avoided walking devices – but I have a cane in my car for difficult terrains – both natural and man made. In other words we have always been dependent on others’ skills, capabilities, manufacturing and delivery.  To pretend otherwise is foolish and self defeating.