image Gratitude

Remember the Six Million Dollar Man – famed for all kinds of mechanical parts that allowed him to function with his bionic arm.  Eventually we can all now enjoy coming to our senses with spare parts.

I thought my vision was just fine until after I had cataract surgery and saw colours in new ways for the first time in years. The world came back to life after having an aging and yellowing filter replaced by a clear one.

And I thought I heard everything until I got fitted with two small hearing appliances that brought sounds missing back – birds singing in the trees , the sound of my own footsteps.  Of course added to these are the less attractive sounds of a busy city including construction on new buildings, but that is what a city is all about.

We take for granted all the learning and technology that makes coming to our senses possible.  We need to be grateful at every moment – especially when the sights and sounds of spring return with all their beauty.